Kilmercast Episode 4: Batman Forever

On this week’s episode Cameron and Laurel talk about the 1996 classic Batman Forever, which might be one of the worst films ever made. They discuss why Jim Carrey thinks he can get away with this, the reasons that this movie might be so awful, and make the inevitable comparisons between this and the Nolanverse films.

Show notes:

Laurel was totally right about the location of the joygasm scene. Here is a clip for you to make your own decisions about it.

Here’s a great Q+A with Kilmer about the movie.

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  1. Kevin King
    March 17, 2014 at 11:54 pm

    You guys forgot the best part! This incredible exchange:

    Chase (giving Bruce a dream doll) I thought your dreams might need changing.
    Bruce: My parents were murdered in front of me. I was just a kid.

    The writers really nailed that segue. Loved the episode.

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